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Seven Seas Tamamo-chan’s A Fox Volume 6 Opening Review Chapter Seventy-Nine

The Final Volume Begins With Every Spirit Fur For Leader!

There’s no two ways about it. We need to start now if we are to finish before the end of the year. So as sad as this will make me, we are now beginning the final volume of Tamamo-chan’s A Fox. With a goal to end it only a few days shy of New Year’s Eve. So let’s get to it.

Tenko informs the class that they will be hitting the Senior trip at the start of Fall, once they’re back from Summer break… THAT MEANS YEAR TWO FLEW BY IN THE SPAN OF VOLUME 5?!? COME ON!!

After taking four volumes to get through Year 1? They condensed Year 2 into one volume, and year 3 into one volume? What a jip. Still… it is what it is. Anyway, I don’t know if this was expected, but it’s now every spirit fur for themselves as they all want to lead a group!

So let’s see… we have the main group, of course, led by Tamamo-chan. That means her pals, Nakki and Mikki. I gues that went without saying. Ad surprising enough, Tamamo is rather chill with the whole idea of going back to her hometown (where she’s been en-shrined for several hundred years or so) as their Senior trip. Why/?

Apparently she wants to take the group to all the shrines on a shrines tour during their free time. That might be interesting. We’ll finally learn more about the long absent fourth Spirit Fox of the four sisters, and maybe meet other Spirit Furs from other shrines in the area. Except sometimes we have short cutted the process…

Like the time Tamamo talked to the Spirit Fur of a dead Basic Dog but we didn’t see it’s spirit form from it’s shrine in a previous Volume. Stuff like that.

The calamitous duo of our Spirit Raccoon and Spirit Weasel girls are going to lead their own group. And because it seems our Morality Girl has some kind of thing for Muu our Weasel girl? She gets talked into their group. Where our Not Tanooki slash Not Relative of Tom Nook talks her into changing herself. From Morality Girl to… Delinquent Girl. For some reason.

As for Anpu, or so called Deity Goddess who is supposed to be Anubis… nope. You can repeat that all the way until the title ends, and I’m still sure she’s in fact the daughter of Anubis and… hmm… Baast. Anyway she just has a group of male worshippers. That and the fur pervy Reiko Sensei. Who has apparently switched her gears from chasing Osaki to chasing Anpu. Which is good news for Osaki I guess.

And that’s the groups. Team Tamamo. Team Muu… oh no I forgot the Raccoon’s name again. And Team Anpu. But we should have summer break before we get to the trip so… what’s next? Next up is… Morals Girl… or is it now Delinquent Girl? She wants to talk to Muu. Why?

Is this the Chapter where she falls in love? Now? The series is over already! Helluva a time to poke the Rule34 Ursian isn”t it?!? But ok. We’ll see what comes of the girl and her talk with the Muu. Tomorrow.

This review is slated for four weeks. And will end on… according to my calculations… December 29th. Only 2 days before New Years Eve. This is our last hurrah with Tamamo-chan so… let’s enjoy it while it lasts. Bye.

By darkeraven20

I am a reviewer and have been for nearly 20 years. My specialty is pop culture but games, comics and multimedia are my passion. This is my return to the genre I do love. Come join me.

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