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VIZ Fly Me To The Moon Volume 13 Review Chapter One Hundred & Twenty-One

This Review Will Not Fall For Faulty Aya Logic!

So this is ironically enough a two parter, which should be ended tomorrow. But I’ll write both reviews right now, and just post the second one tomorrow while I am out in the world… I suppose “celebrating” Thanksgiving.

If you call discovering my ability to withstand the close proximity of people, children, and right wing conspiracies a celebration then sure. I’m celebrating. Sigh. Look, just enjoy your day. Whether you be in the United States or just in a part of the world where you uniformly decide to take a day off for yourself. Enjoy.

So should I just go to the end result, or just tell you how it all started? That will kinda spoil the whole lead up to this terrible idea but… sure. Let’s Aya wants to drain the pond, and no that is not a clever way of saying she needs to go to the bathroom.

Apparently she watched a show on the previous night where an old couple drained a pond on their property, and found a large stash of ancient treasure under the waters of their pond. Therefore, because Aya does not compute where ancient treasures come from, i.e. someone has to put it somewhere for one to find it, she wants to drain a pond.

No, she doesn’t want to sneak onto public property, drain a park pond, and loot it for spare change or missing sailboat toys. She wants to dig a pond onto their property (the bathhouse) and then drain it… as if that will actually make ancient treasures appear.

You probably already guessed it, but if nothing is found in the excavation of the pond? Then nothing will be there when she drains it. Of course. But this whole exercise is to show how many Nasa can be, when he puts his mind and muscles to it. All he has to do is pick up a shovel… learn via the internet how a shovel actually works… no I am not kidding… and use it.

So, suddenly, this whole twp parter is to give Tsukasa a new fetish. And that fetish seems to be overworking her husband, so she can see him sweat. And…. well… and still be the same approximate body mass as before. Now sweaty.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This whole plot point was teased at the back of the book so… yeah… here is the story where Tsukasa watches her husband dig out a pond, and gets all hot over him sweating as he works. So… yay. And we have another chapter of this tomorrow for the holiday so… yeah. Go figure. Anyway tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we will spend it watching Tsukasa think about Nasa digging a hole that has nothing to do with pent up sexual frustrations. Or something. See you then.

By darkeraven20

I am a reviewer and have been for nearly 20 years. My specialty is pop culture but games, comics and multimedia are my passion. This is my return to the genre I do love. Come join me.

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