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IDW (adjectiveless) My Little Pony 2022 #2 Review Part 2

The Reveiew Reveals Alot… But Is It Complete Continuity?

So yeah. We don’t need to split hair… Discord Hairs… on this any further. We can end this review in one good. So before we continue Ineed to make one thing perfectly clear from the outset.

There is, at present, no way of knowing for absolute certainty if this extends past being IDW Continuity for G5. The follow is content that implies a bigger connection between what is presently happening in G5 and the past and G4 of centuries ago. However until at such time that it can be verified I’ll just assume it only covers IDW Continuity. So with that said…

Discord explains to everyone how things came to where they are. Not where the thief of the Pegasus Crystal of the Unity Crystals is… it’s Discord. Did we have any doubt that Discord stole the crystal? Anyway….

So after the end of Season 9 it’s implied that peace reigned throughout the land, and the Mane Six… or as Discord calls them the Mane-nificent Seven (including himself of course), didn’t have much to do. As such he worked iwth Fluttershy at her Sanctuary, continued to date her and all that.

It’s implied that, one day, a new evil character pony showed up. There is presently no signs as to whether it is the mystery Alicorn revealed at the end of the Make Your Mark Special… as this character is in shadows all the time. Despite being seen out in broad daylight in open sunlight.

So yeah. MAYBE this is the same character from Make Your Mark. MAYBE this is a new IDW unique character. Even if it is the character from Make Your Mark that doesn’t make the character evil. Why? Because she splits apart all of Ponykind and causes a ton of strife, and according to Discord it takes quite a long time (maybe even a few theorhetical seasons) for Princess Twilight and the others to restore order.

The chaos, hwoever, was so harsh that it was Princess Twilight Sparkle who ended up forging the Unity Crystals. To help bring back the Unity which was lost because of that one evil creature… however, this sets Discord to thinking.

As far as Discord is concerned? Breaking the crystal apart, and removing magic from Equestria, was a good thing. Yes, it even took his powers, but he is presently working from a position of fear. Remembering the bad times when ponies were at each others throats because of the evil pony creature, he thinks that destroying the crystals will bring a greater peace than restoring magic has done.

So is this really Discord? I’m going to assume that is a yes. Because he did reveal something important about the whole start of the chaos which opened G5 Pony, and the reason for the Unity Crystals. Perhaps even the identity of the unnamed Alicorn at the end of Make Your Mark. Maybe the next issue will even reveal her identity and give her a name?

But yeah. The new Mane Five are no match for Discord, and even at his depleted magic levels he’s still too powerful for them. He easily defeats them. Sunny tries to tlell him that there is no way that he could destroy the Pegasus Crystal, but he simply remarks that he was friends with Twilight Sparkle. And if anything she taught him the value of a little research… or in her case a ton of research. He decides he can figure out how to destroy the crystal, and leaves to attempt to do just that.

As Cloudpoof frees the ponies, Sunny tells us what we already know. That Discord is going to try and destroy the Pegasus Crystal and destroy magic… again. And that ends Issue #2.

So like I said, Issue #4 is a standalone Pipp story, so we will see the Discord arc end next issue. So there is only 20-ish pages left to see how this story ends… guess we will see how it ends soon enough.

Uhh… hmm… I wonder if they are not going to end up having to destroy the crystals anyway at some point in the future, to make magic permanent again. As of right now this whole Unity Crystal thing feels like a safety measure, and it’s supposed to keep ponykind from destroying each other. At some point the need for it will vanish, and the crystals can be safely destroyed to restore magic fully I’d think. But that’s a case for a future Season of Pony on Netflix.

So for now we are just sitting tight waiting for Issue #3 to come in Late July. Whether or not Izzy can talk Discord out of his plans, because he did focus on her a bit in trying to convince everyone the crystals are bad… remains to be seen. But I am sure she will be the one who talks him out of it.

Now will Discord ever figure out that Hitch is the descendant of Fluttershy? He’s kinda had a full faceful of Hitch and has not even once drawn any conclusions on that. Maybe he needs to see Hitch communicate with animals to get hte point across to him. We will see if that comes to pass.

Speaking of things we are waiting on? We will also see if the spirit of Fluttershy is summoned by the Pegasus Crystal to talk Discord down. Anyway that’s all up in the air in Issue #3 and we will return to that in a month.

As for the main series itself? Well the shorts continue, and the most recent two shorts seems to suggest a bit about Sunny’s Alicorn powers… I might have to drop a piece on it here. Or two. We shall see. Otherwise there is nothing big coming until September and Season 1. That is unless Netflix rushes it out sooner because it needs to win back viewers, or its delayed because of all the things being delayed these days.

For instance, what was once Star Trek Prodigy Season 2 is now the second half of Star Trek Prodigy Season 1. Dunno why they did that, but it happened. So a 20 episode season instead of 10×10. Why? Dunno. We shall see. But it makes me wonder if My Little Pony Season 1 will launch on time. Stay tuned.

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